Heat Treating

Heat Treating

South Holland Metal Finishing operates two Can-Eng continuous mesh-belt furnace systems. We offer stress relief, neutral hardening, and case hardening. Please call for our capability range.

Neutral Hardening


Grades 4-8

HRC 22-39


Grades 4.6-12.9*

HRC 24-39

* Call for information on Grade 12.9, we can run some steel grades.

Case Hardening

Total Case:

.004 - .011"

.10 - .28 mm


HRC 50 at .006"

South Holland operates in accordance with AIAG CQI-9, and has been audited and approved by Ford to WHTX-1 and by Chrysler to PS-1 and PS-2. We can provide heat treating to Caterpillar, Bosch, Delphi, ISO, John Deere, SAE, Toyota, Volvo, and ZF Lemforter specifications, among many others.